Film Industry Talks

As a multi-award-winning Hollywood Director, I love igniting the super power of other filmmakers so that they too can succeed in show business! Having received many inquiries, I have developed, held classes, seminars, and discussions, and coached hundreds of private clients on the following topics, also known as the FIVE INDUSTRY TALKS, for over a decade:


Originally I created these keynotes for fellow filmmakers, but it's important to point out that these talks can be altered, and are perfectly suited for theater studies as well as for nearly all creative fields.

I have been invited to many universities, colleges, industry organizations, film festivals, expos, and non-profit organizations including:

  • Cornell University - Ithaca, NY
  • New York University (NYU) - New York, NY
  • American Film Institute (AFI) - Los Angeles, CA
  • Ithaca College - Ithaca, CA
  • California State University, Northridge - Northridge, CA
  • University of California, Long Beach - Long Beach, CA
  • SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild of American - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists - Los Angeles, CA
  • New York Film Academy (NYFA) - Burbank, CA
  • Tufts University - Boston, MA
  • St. John Fisher College - Rochester, NY
  • Indie Entertainment Summit - Hollywood, CA
  • LA's Indie Networking Conference - Los Angeles, CA
  • UFVA (University of Film and Video Association) Annual Conference 2016 & 2017 - Los Angeles, CA & Las Vegas, NV

For a full list of speaking engagements click HERE.

 Speaking at the New York Film Academy about career management in show business

Speaking at the New York Film Academy about career management in show business

Below you will find a preview of my signature FIVE INDUSTRY TALKS:

1. CROWDFUNDING/FUNDRAISING: Detailed "how to's," "top secrets," "top 10 lists" of effective crowdfunding/fundraising techniques for those who want to create their own projects.

2. MARKETING/PR/SELF-DISTRIBUTION FOR/OF FILMS: Detailed "how to's" of making money and/or a living with independent films. How to build a project from the beginning with the end goal in mind, how to build an industry buzz, use each student's unique background to create interest, how to invite one's built-in audience to grow project, and many more!

3. NAVIGATING THE INDUSTRY: Covering everything that a student needs to have a successful start in the business besides talent and doing quality work. Topics include: result-producing networking, self-promotion, internet and social media presence, imdb, effective resume building, websites, marketing, press, publicity, PR, branding, industry etiquette, industry communication, organization, handling one's career as a business, building a fan base, how to move one's career forward during down time, etc.

4. CAREER MANAGEMENT IN SHOW BUSINESS: How to strategize from the start, set goals, take focused action, and move much faster towards a successful and established career than your peers.

5. SUCCEEDING AT FILM FESTIVALS: How to build an individualized film festival strategy for each film, the application process, how to build outstanding relationships with festivals, how to significantly increases chances of winning (yes, there is a method for it!), how to move one's film and career forward with each festival participation, how to build an audience, and how to make a one-time audience member a long-term fan.

For groups I conduct my talks in person or via live stream. If you're interested in one-on-one consultation, I do that over the phone. (Read: You don't need to drive anywhere and sit in traffic. :- )

If you're interested in any of the FIVE INDUSTRY TALKS above, don't hesitate to book it right now HERE. If you have a special request, send me a message HERE and we'll find a solution to your situation. For additional helpful services and high-quality products visit my STORE.

 Getting ready for live streaming via the silver screen for Frack Fest participants in Oklahoma while sitting in my office in California

Getting ready for live streaming via the silver screen for Frack Fest participants in Oklahoma while sitting in my office in California

One more thing I'd like to mention. If you have read my BIO, you know that I had a rather difficult childhood and spent years in foster care. Sometimes, I do get corporate requests to talk about how that experience was and, most importantly, how I overcame the seemingly impossible odds in life. If that is of interest to you and you'd like to have me as a speaker, don't hesitate to message me HERE.

 Giving an inspirational holiday talk in Bakersfield, CA

Giving an inspirational holiday talk in Bakersfield, CA