Klaudia Kovacs

My name is Klaudia Kovacs and I am Director. I have garnered a total of 35 awards/accolades. I'm known for my movie, Torn from the Flag, an eight-time-award-winning film that participated in the Academy Awards in the "Best Documentary" category.  I'm listed in the Hungarian Film Lexicon, American Hungarian Portrait Gallery, and Hungarian America. 


Emerald, Texas, Los Angeles, CA and Oklahoma City, OK: Director’s Creative Consultant of award-winning feature-length, independent film about a young orphan girl in search of a miracle. She decides to head for Emerald, Texas, and along the way she finds friends, strength, and empowerment within. 

Emerld, Texas

Justified, Episode #405, Hollywood, CA: Shadow Director for Academy Award-winning Director, Peter Werner, of Justified, a two-time Primetime-Emmy-award-winning American television drama.

Justified Poster

Touché: A Blind Fencer's Story, Hollywood, CA and Oklahoma City, OK: Second-Unit Director of four-time-award-winning feature-length documentary about a young woman’s struggle with her loss of eyesight and how the sport of fencing gave her the confidence to move forward with her life.

Torn from the Flag, Hollywood, CA: Director/Producer/Writer of feature-length, 1.7 million dollar budget, eight-time-award-winning documentary. Created with cinematographers Oscar-winning Vilmos Zsigmond and multi-award-winning Laszlo Kovacs. The film is about the international decline of communism, the Cold War era (1945–1991), and the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and Freedom Fight with the following notables: Mikhail Gorbachev, Henry Kissinger, Otto von Habsburg, and George Vassiliou. Shot on HD in the U.S.A., Italy, Russia, and Hungary. The film has been invited to 20 festivals; it also participated in the 2009 Oscar competition in the “Best Documentary Feature” category. It was presented to the United States Congress and was entered into the Congressional Record. As a filmmaker, I created a community of 20,000 people, gathered and coordinated 2,000 investors, donors, and in-kind donors for the North American Hungarian community’s largest project ever. According to several critics and historians Torn from the Flag is the “best documentary” ever made about this topic.

Torn from the Flag Poster

MAOV, LLC, Los Angeles, CA: Second Assistant Director of a television pilot, entitled The Metaphysical Adventures of Verne, directed by Michael Simon, starring Verne Troyer and Pauly Shore.

Panic Nation, Hollywood, CA and Oklahoma City, OK: Co-Producer of five-time-award-winning, feature-length documentary. It is an intense look at how state sponsored immigration laws are taking hold of the USA. The movie features former White House cabinet member Henry Cisneros, two-time Harvard graduate and syndicated CNN columnist Ruben Navarrette Jr., multi-award-winning writer of "Sesame Street" Luis Santeiro, and multi-award-winning actor Esai Morales.

Panic Nation

Mancs Productions, Budapest, Hungary: Producer of a 60-minute, educational television film about a rescue dog with an exceptionally sensitive, molecular smell.

Red Bull Air Race, Budapest, Hungary: Associate Producer of a 30 minute documentary introducing the birth of a new sport and the world’s twelve best pilots.

Gardening, Budapest, Hungary: Associate Producer of monthly how-to television show or Satelit TV. The esthetic and lifestyle program consisted of 12 episodes of 30 minute segments.

Gems, Torrance, CA: Assistant Producer of a short that was based on an original script, produced and shot as a co-production with Torrance Cable Television about a gem smuggler who brings stolen gems into the United States and is double crossed.

SKILLS:  I'm fluent in English and Hungarian, and have basic knowledge of German. I have both, US and EU passports; and I can be employed in the USA and EU countries.


"Serious" filmmakers at a film festival

"Serious" filmmakers at a film festival

  1. City of Los Angeles - Certificate of Celebration for Contribution to Cinema, Art and Culture (Panic Nation)

  2. Republic of Hungary - Hero of the Freedom Fight Award (Torn from the Flag)

  3. AFI (American Film Institute) FEST Milestone Selection (Torn from the Flag)

  4. Panavision’s Young Filmmaker's Program (Torn from the Flag)

  5. Technicolor Sponsorship (Torn from the Flag)

  6. Alliance of Women Directors’ Television Shadowing Program

  7. CINE Eagle Award - Best Independent Documentary (Torn from the Flag)

  8. CINE Eagle Award - Best Independent Documentary (Panic Nation)

  9. Beverly Hills Hi-Def Film Festival - First place (Torn from the Flag)

  10. Broadway International Film Festival - Best Documentary (Panic Nation)

  11. Madrid International Film Festival - Best Documentary Short (Touche: A Blind Fencer’s Story)

  12. Mexico International Film Festival - Golden Palm Award for Feature-Length Documentary (Panic Nation)

  13. Nevada Film Festival - Gold Reel Award - Docu Film Competition (Touche: A Blind Fencer’s Story)

  14. Tiburon International Film Festival - Golden Reel Award (Torn from the Flag)

  15. Minneapolis/ St. Paul International Film Festival - Best of the Fest Award (Torn from the Flag)

  16. Seattle True Independent Film Festival - Best Documentary Feature - 2nd Place (Touche: A Blind Fencer’s Story)

  17. Noches de Oklahoma - Special Recognition by the Latino Community (Panic Nation)

  18. New York Spotlight On Festival Award - Best Ensemble Cast (The Insanity of Mary Girard)

  19. Ventura County Reporter - REP Award for Excellence in Production (The Comedy of Errors)

  20. Indianapolis International Film Festival - Audience Award - Best Documentary - 3rd Place (Torn from the Flag)

  21. Valley Collegiate Players - Outstanding Achievement in Acting by a Male Actor (A Lie of the Mind)

  22. Valley Collegiate Players - Outstanding Achievement in Acting by a Female Actor (Naomi in the Living Room)

  23. Valley Collegiate Players - Outstanding Achievement in Lighting (A Lie of the Mind)

  24. Valley Collegiate Players - Outstanding Achievement in Sound (A Lie of the Mind)

  25. DocUtah International Documentary Film Festival - Audience Favorite Top Ten Award (Panic Nation)

  26. BeeKay Theater Annual Playwright's Festival - Golden Apple Award (Bill & Coo)

  27. Slow Film International Film Festival - Special Prize of the City of Eger (Torn from the Flag)

  28. Slow Film International Film Festival - Special Prize of Agria Television (Torn from the Flag)

  29. Slow Film International Film Festival - Festival’s Special Award (Torn from the Flag)

  30. Hungarian Freedom Fighters World Federation - Certificate of Recognition (Torn from the Flag)

  31. International Technology Institute - Memorial Medal (Torn from the Flag)

  32. Corvina Cultural Circle - Certificate of Recognition

  33. Thalia Studios - Certificate of Recognition - 20 Year Anniversary (Gloria Victis)

  34. Thalia Studios - Certificate of Recognition - 10 Year Anniversary (Gloria Victis)

  35. Torrance Cable Television - Best Short Nomination (Gems)


CineEagle Award

"A documentary thriller.  Superb." — Chuck Wilson, LA Weekly

"Easily the best documentary film on the 1956 Hungarian revolution." — István Deák, Seth Low Professor Emeritus of History, Columbia University

 "A definitive account.  The most comprehensive chronicle of the Hungarian uprising yet caught on film.  The film never bogs down.  A lively piece of history, put together with a good deal of technical skill as well as unmistakable passion." — Stephen Farber, The Hollywood Reporter

 "This was the most powerful and important film experience of my life. Klaudia Kovacs' work in tracking down all those marvelous witnesses, selecting the most illuminating and combustible quotes was unprecedented in documentary filmmaking." — Barry Farber, Talk Radio Network

"A quality production satisfying the highest expectations and demands.  It chains you to your seat and helps us understand what freedom truly means." — Leslie Eloed, American Hungarian Journal

"I found the film to be extremely well done and informative.  I think it would be a great addition to any history curriculum as a way of truly understanding the history of 20th century Europe and Hungary.  It gives insight into current problems and makes students think about ways we can better understand the world." — Paul Fouhy, Teacher, Auburn Mountainview, Auburn, WA

"Every high school should use this wonderfully produced film in their curriculum." — Dr. Tas Szebedy, President of the National High School Association, Budapest, Hungary


  • Alliance of Women Directors

  • Film Independent

  • International Documentary Association

  • Screen Actors Guild of America – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA)


  • Film Studies – Los Angeles Valley College, Valley Glen, CA

  • Pedagogy – ELTE – Eötvös Loránd University’s Teacher’s College, Budapest, Hungary

  • Documentary Filmmaking – Film Independent & Lisa Leeman, UCS, Los Angeles, CA

  • Documentaries & the Oscars – International Documentary Association / Writer’s Guild of America, Los Angeles, CA

  • Film Technique – M.K. Lewis Workshops, Santa Monica, CA

  • Shakespeare Workshop – Lynn Redgrave, Beverly Hills, CA

  • Personal Branding / Image Definition – Sam Christensen Studios, North Hollywood, CA

  • Scene Study – Larry Moss Studios, Santa Monica, CA

  • Performance Art – Pinceszínház (Cellar Theater), Budapest, Hungary

If you'd like to view my resume in a pdf format, click HERE, or if you'd like to discuss a project that you'd like to me direct, contact me HERE. Thanks for stopping by!