My name is Klaudia Kovacs and I am a multi-award-winning Director. I have garnered a total of 35 accolades. I'm listed in the Temporary Performance Almanac 2015, Lexicon of Hungarian Theater Artists Abroad, American Hungarian Portrait Gallery, and Hungarian America.

I started my career at age 16 at the Harlekin Children’s Theater in Budapest. I continued at Hungary's most respected alternative theater, the Cellar Theater (Pinceszinhaz), and I've been doing theater ever since. 

At the theater (Photo: Richard Michael Johnson)

At the theater (Photo: Richard Michael Johnson)


Extremities, The Sidewalk Studio Theater – Burbank, CA:  Director of a timely drama about a young woman and her fascinating journey of gaining her power back after an attempted assault by a married man with three children. As the story unfolds, her roommates—a rape-victim and social worker—view the hard-to-prove incident differently yet aid their friend’s voyage of healing in ways she didn’t expect…



Snowangel,  Horseshoe Theater, Valley Glenn, CA:  Director of a deep, dramatic, yet beautiful play about an encounter of a man (customer) and a woman (prostitute). They both lost their loves and yearn to find love again perhaps with each other... The drama was written by Lewis John Carlino whose career included an Oscar, a Golden Globe, and multiple nominations by the Writers Guild of America.

Snowangel (Photo: Richard Michael Johnson)

Snowangel (Photo: Richard Michael Johnson)

Naomi in the Living Room, Blackbox Theater, Valley Glenn, CA:  Director of Christopher Durang's fast-paced and outrageous tour-de-force comedy about a mini family union with lots of unexpected requests and one major surprise! Winner of Outstanding Achievement in Acting by Female Actor.

Naomi in the Living Room

Naomi in the Living Room

A Lie of the Mind, Horseshoe Theater, Valley Glenn, CA:  Director of a Sam Shepard play that won a Drama Desk Award and was hailed as a “masterpiece” by the New York Times. The beautiful drama is about two families tied by marriage, as well as about love, dysfunction, and search for meaning and unity. Winner of Outstanding Achievement in Acting by Male Actor, Lighting Design, and Sound Design.

A Lie of the Mind (Photo: Richard Michael Johnson)

A Lie of the Mind (Photo: Richard Michael Johnson)

Alexander the Great, Lonny Chapman Theater, 1st Annual One Act Play Festival, North Hollywood, CA:  Director of one of the Nine Winning One-Acts about a King of the Ancient Greek Kingdom of Macedonia who was one of the greatest conquerors and tactical minds of all time.

Alexander the Great (Photo: Michael Paisner)

Alexander the Great (Photo: Michael Paisner)

Calling America: Don’t Hang Up!!, United Solo Theater Festival, Theater Row, New York, NY: Director of a 90-minute, sold-out one-woman show with 50 characters about society and the political climate of the United States. The play was selected by and performed at the world’s largest theater event of individual performers at Theater Row in the Broadway District.

Calling America: Don’t Hang Up!!

Calling America: Don’t Hang Up!!

Bill & Coo, Annual Playwright's Festival, Tehachapi, CA: Director and Actor of a comedy about a former couple whose relationship ended after the man cleared out their bank account and disappeared. Winner of the Playwright Contest.  

Bill & Coo

Bill & Coo

The Insanity of Mary Girard, Raw Space at Theater M, New York Spotlight On Festival, New York, NY: Actor (Mary Girard) in a dramatic play by Ira Levin about a woman who was committed to an asylum and by the end grown into her diagnosis. Winner of Best Ensemble Cast Award.

On stage as Mary Girard in New York, NY (Photo: George Adams)

On stage as Mary Girard in New York, NY (Photo: George Adams)

Midnight Video, John Raitt Theater, Hollywood, CA: Producer of a futuristic, two-act play about a video shoot set in a shabby, one-room apartment in a bad part of town...

Shoeboxes, Courtyard Playhouse, Palos Verdes, CA: Producer of an original play about a daughter's emotional journey who discovers her deceased mother's past when she goes through her shoeboxes full of memorabilia.

Veronica's Room, Redondo Beach Theater, Redondo Beach, CA: Actor (Veronica) in a thriller by Ira Levin about a middle-aged Irish couple. They abduct a young woman who resembles someone no longer alive.

The Comedy of Errors, Los Angeles Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival, Thousand Oaks, CA: Actor (Courtesan) in William Shakespeare's play about two sets of identical twins that were accidentally separated at birth. Winner of REP Award for Excellence in Production.

Don't Dress for Dinner, The Palos Verdes Players, Torrance, CA: Actor (Suzanne) in a naughty farce with a lot of confusion and misunderstandings... 

Maids, The Cellar Theater (Pinceszinhaz), Budapest, Hungary: Actor (Claire) in Jean Genet's drama about two French housemaids who construct sadomasochistic rituals when their madam is away.

The Madman and the Nun, Improv Theater, Hollywood, CA: Actor (Paphnutius) in the "Polish Beckett," Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz's absurd play that is staged in an asylum showcasing bureaucrats, scientists, and religious authorities.

In character

In character

Various International Theaters, Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY; Budapest, Hungary: Member/Director/Actor of various award-winning theater troupes in Europe and the United States. Additional experience in the areas of theater festivals, crowdfunding, fundraising, marketing, public relations, social media, and online presence.

Naomi in the Living Room

Naomi in the Living Room

SKILLS:  I'm fluent in English and Hungarian, and have basic knowledge of German. I have both, US and EU passports; and I can be employed in the USA and EU countries.


Theater Award
  1. City of Los Angeles - Certificate of Celebration for Contribution to Cinema, Art and Culture (Panic Nation)

  2. Republic of Hungary - Hero of the Freedom Fight Award (Torn from the Flag)

  3. AFI (American Film Institute) FEST Milestone Selection (Torn from the Flag)

  4. Panavision’s Young Filmmaker's Program (Torn from the Flag)

  5. Technicolor Sponsorship (Torn from the Flag)

  6. Alliance of Women Directors’ Television Shadowing Program

  7. CINE Eagle Award - Best Independent Documentary (Torn from the Flag)

  8. CINE Eagle Award - Best Independent Documentary (Panic Nation)

  9. Beverly Hills Hi-Def Film Festival - First place (Torn from the Flag)

  10. Broadway International Film Festival - Best Documentary (Panic Nation)

  11. Madrid International Film Festival - Best Documentary Short (Touche: A Blind Fencer’s Story)

  12. Mexico International Film Festival - Golden Palm Award for Feature-Length Documentary (Panic Nation)

  13. Nevada Film Festival - Gold Reel Award - Docu Film Competition (Touche: A Blind Fencer’s Story)

  14. Tiburon International Film Festival - Golden Reel Award (Torn from the Flag)

  15. Minneapolis/ St. Paul International Film Festival - Best of the Fest Award (Torn from the Flag)

  16. Seattle True Independent Film Festival - Best Documentary Feature - 2nd Place (Touche: A Blind Fencer’s Story)

  17. Noches de Oklahoma - Special Recognition by the Latino Community (Panic Nation)

  18. New York Spotlight On Festival Award - Best Ensemble Cast (The Insanity of Mary Girard)

  19. Ventura County Reporter - REP Award for Excellence in Production (The Comedy of Errors)

  20. Indianapolis International Film Festival - Audience Award - Best Documentary - 3rd Place (Torn from the Flag)

  21. Valley Collegiate Players - Outstanding Achievement in Acting by a Male Actor (A Lie of the Mind)

  22. Valley Collegiate Players - Outstanding Achievement in Acting by a Female Actor (Naomi in the Living Room)

  23. Valley Collegiate Players - Outstanding Achievement in Lighting (A Lie of the Mind)

  24. Valley Collegiate Players - Outstanding Achievement in Sound (A Lie of the Mind)

  25. DocUtah International Documentary Film Festival - Audience Favorite Top Ten Award (Panic Nation)

  26. BeeKay Theater Annual Playwright's Festival - Golden Apple Award (Bill & Coo)

  27. Slow Film International Film Festival - Special Prize of the City of Eger (Torn from the Flag)

  28. Slow Film International Film Festival - Special Prize of Agria Television (Torn from the Flag)

  29. Slow Film International Film Festival - Festival’s Special Award (Torn from the Flag)

  30. Hungarian Freedom Fighters World Federation - Certificate of Recognition (Torn from the Flag)

  31. International Technology Institute - Memorial Medal (Torn from the Flag)

  32. Corvina Cultural Circle - Certificate of Recognition

  33. Thalia Studios - Certificate of Recognition - 20 Year Anniversary (Gloria Victis)

  34. Thalia Studios - Certificate of Recognition - 10 Year Anniversary (Gloria Victis)

  35. Torrance Cable Television - Best Short Nomination (Gems)


 “A wonderful tale of deceit. The director created a bit of mystery with thrills and chills for all… Nudity was tastefully done yet added just the right amount of creepiness to the play. Well done.” — The LA Webb

   ”A strong director drew great performances... Attention paid to details…” — Stage Pages

"Excellent choices. A very talented director." — Lanie Robertson, Playwright

Convincing performances; well directed." — America Oggi

“Truly interesting and exciting.” — The Foreigner Artist

"Flawless performance." — Easy Reader

“Orwelian in thought ... well cast ...  thoughtfully directed.  It could have gone in a direction full of clichéd and tired contrivance but didn’t; thank you.” —  The LA Webb

Exceptionally talented young actress, Klaudia Kovacs, performed with deep empathy. Her performance was unforgettable" — American Hungarian News

"The name for whom the ovation would not stop: Klaudia Kovacs." — Hungarian Californian

"There is a magic spell cast by a stunning courtesan, Klaudia Kovacs, adding further spice." — The Star

"Kovacs is well-cast as Bernard's trashy and peevish paramour." — Daily Breeze


  • Theater Studies - Los Angeles Valley College, Valley Glen, CA

  • Pedagogy – ELTE – Eötvös Loránd University’s Teacher’s College, Budapest, Hungary

  • Shakespeare Workshop - Lynn Redgrave, Beverly Hills, CA

  • Scene Study - Larry Moss Studios, Santa Monica, CA

  • Performance Art - Pinceszínház (Cellar Theater), Budapest, Hungary

If you'd like to view my resume in a pdf format, click HERE, or if you'd like to discuss a play that you'd like to me direct, contact me HERE. Thanks for stopping by!