My name is Klaudia Kovacs also known as the THE CROWDFUNDING QUEEN. I personally engineered and teach the best how-to-crowdfund coaching program, FROM ZERO TO A MILLION IN 90 DAYS.

I was a struggling artist when I crowdfunded $1.7 million for my first movie, Torn from the Flag, that participated in the Oscar competition in the “Best Documentary” category and has been presented to the United States Congress. I’ve been crowdfunding and showing others how to do it ever since and today I’m also a Film & Theater Director with 35 awards under my belt.

If you feel frustrated and/or hopeless because you don’t know where to find the money for your project, you’re in the right place! I will show you, through crowdfunding, how to locate your donors easily and produce abundant cash flow for your venture.

When I first moved to America I was making $5/hour and struggled for a decade while waiting for someone to give me an opportunity, but it never came. At one point I went from feeling completely disheartened to deciding to take matters into my own hands: I refused to stop until I crowdfunded $1.7 million for my first movie. That successful campaign finally made me a respected Hollywood Director and I’ve crowdfunded many other projects ever since!

Some of the accolades my endeavors have won

Some of the accolades my endeavors have won

The well-executed strategies—that I engineered on my own—created a demand for my first-hand knowledge that has been featured in multiple books and articles. Because I love igniting the super-power of others, I’ve been invited as a frequent guest lecturer—in person or via live stream—at 70 universities, film festivals, schools, industry organizations, expos, and non-profits all over the world.

Speaking at the New York Film Academy

Speaking at the New York Film Academy

As a crowdfunding catalyst, I love mentoring some of the most motivated groups of people, private clients, from all walks of life:  

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Business owners

  • Inventors

  • Creatives, and of course

  • Filmmakers

My students also become triumphant and raise large sums when they sign up for my unique, step-by-step program, titled FROM ZERO TO A MILLION IN 90 DAYS. My “crowdfunding/fundraising made easy” course is one-of-a-kind because it provides a flexible and at-your-on-space schedule for busy high-achievers and self-starters.

The quality and effectiveness of the lessons match the needs of big-vision individuals who want to raise at least a mid to high five-figure amount. The FROM ZERO TO A MILLION IN 90 DAYS curriculum gives real solutions and is designed to produce substantial results fast.

As a crowdfunding expert, I package YOU for success with a detailed action plan and strategy that you can’t find anywhere else. During the course I build your crowdfunding campaign with you and in addition, you will receive

  • Links

  • Samples

  • Financial and marketing tools

  • How-to-do lists

  • Bonus materials

that will provide additional guidance just when you need it. I will point out how not to make the mistakes 70% of crowdfunders make. I will also make the sessions fun for you because I want you to feel invigorated and inspired!

Once your investment is made in your own education, the FROM ZERO TO A MILLION IN 90 DAYS one-time-tuition program does not charge any additional fees or take a percentage no matter how successful your campaign is, how much money you raise, or how many campaigns you run. It’s all yours!

Inspiring entrepreneurs in Bakersfield, CA

Inspiring entrepreneurs in Bakersfield, CA

Here is what my clients think of my work:

"What an incredibly successful experience I had on Broadway. That success would not have happened had I not consulted with Klaudia Kovacs who helped me build a step-by-step crowdfunding strategy.” — Writer/Broadway Actor, Ingez Rameau

“Klaudia is a no nonsense, go-getter type, extremely professional, knowledgeable, and experienced in production and raising funds. There is no finer description for her than ‘The Crowdfunding Queen’!” — Musicologist/Conductor Chevalier Richard Winter-Stanbridge

“I learned so much from Klaudia’s vast knowledge. She helped me clearly define and effectively articulate my message and identify my target audience. I highly recommend Klaudia for her sharp mind, keen insights, great ideas, and unrelenting support.” — Author/Psychologist, Marta Fuchs

“Klaudia is an experienced, professional and strategic player in the crowdfunding arena. Her insights are unique and ever evolving.” — Producer, Marina Cordoni

“Klaudia’s far-ranging knowledge about social media and fundraising expertise gave me several ideas that I was able to put into immediate action to best effect. I'm already seeing great results.” — Film Director, Marie Rose

“I was able to make changes in more areas of my life at the same time. Klaudia has an amazing talent to find clever solutions for every problem, and deliver it in a way that makes you change with an immediate effect.” — Attorney, Dr. Nikoletta Szabo

"Working with Klaudia Kovacs is like having a lead player on your business team, who gives you valuable tools, techniques and guidance to achieve the goals of your dreams. She holds you accountable every step of the way to ensure that you get what you desire. She's great to work with on your project to propel you and your organization to the next giant step." — Fundraiser/Performer, Sky Palkowitz

Live streaming via the silver screen in Oklahoma while sitting in my office in California

Live streaming via the silver screen in Oklahoma while sitting in my office in California

If you want to learn how be a powerhouse crowdfunder and are seriously interested in enrolling in the FROM ZERO TO A MILLION IN 90 DAYS program, please fill out the application for a free phone consultation below.

Thanks for stopping by and I’m looking forward to receiving your message so I can ignite and accelerate your success now!

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Taking in a sweet moment of success

Taking in a sweet moment of success